Wenzel Jacob


exhibitions implemented during my directorship:

  1. 2010-2007 Development of Projects

    • Mass Migration: Rome and the Barbarians
    • Anselm Kiefer: A Retrospective
    • The Renaissance in Germany
    • The Origins of Buddhism: Gandhara
    • Pomp and daily life in the Byzantinian Empire
    • James Cook and the South Seas
    • Napoleon
    • Queen Victoria
    • The Vatican III
    • Marina Abramovitsch
  2. 5th April 2007 to 27th January 2008

    Egypt‟s Sunken Treasures

  3. 16th May to 26th August 2007

    Russia‟s soul – icons, paintings and drawings from the Tretjakow Gallery, Moscow

  4. 15th December 2006 to 9th April 2007

    Angkor – Sacred Heritage of Cambodia

  5. 9th February to 11th March 2007
    18th National competition 2007

    Art students present their work

  6. 21st July 2006 to 11th March 2007

    The Guggenheim Collection

  7. 26th September to 12th November 2006

    The Guggenheim Architecture (G)

  8. 21st April to 23rd July 2006

    „Xia‟an – Kaiserliche Macht in Jenseits‟ (Imperial power in the Afterlife)
    Burial finds and temple treasures from China‟s old capital

  9. 17th February to 14th May 2006

    Poussin, Lorrain, Watteau, Fragonard… French 17th and 18th century masterpieces from German collections

  10. 25th November 2005 to 19th March 2006

    Vatican Barock
    Art and culture in the Rome of the popes II

  11. 27th January to 26th February 2006

    Jochen Gerz – an anthology of art

  12. 30th September 2005 to 8th January 2006

    German national treasures
    From Luther to Bauhaus

  13. 12th August to 6th November 2005

    Van Gogh to Beuys ...
    CROSSART: Contemporary masterpieces from 10 German and Dutch museums

  14. 16th June to 25th September

    Dshingis Khan and his heirs
    The Mongolian Empire

  15. 29th April to 21st August 2005

    10 000 years of Jordanian art and culture
    „Gesichter des Orients“ (The varying faces of the Orient)

  16. 19th March to 3rd July 2005

    „Krone und Schleier“ (Crown and veil)
    Art from medieval nunneries

  17. 4th November to 1st May 2005

    „Das golden Jenseits“ (The Golden Afterlife)
    Tomb treasures from the Valley of the Kings

  18. 25th February to 28th March 2005

    Art students present their work
    17th national competition of the German Ministry for Education and Research

  19. 22nd October 2004 to 9th January 2005

    Art in the GDR

  20. 23rd July 2004 to 9th January 2005

    „Die Thraker – Das goldene Reich des Orpheus“
    (The Thracians - Orpheus‟s Golden Realm)

  21. 2nd April to 8th August 2004

    Georg Baselitz: „Bilder, die den Kopf verdrehen“ (Pictures that turn your head)
    A retrospective. Pictures and sculptures from 1959 to 2004

  22. 2nd April to 8th August 2004

    Photographic contact. Benjamin Katz: Georg Baselitz

  23. 13th February to 31st May 2004

    The Kremlin. „Gottesruhm und Tzarenpracht“ (Divine glory and czarist luxury)

  24. 21st November 2003 to 29th February 2004

    Treasures from the East. The Imperial Collection from the National Palace Museum, Taipei

  25. 14th November 2003 to 29th February 2004

    Child refugees. Portraits by Sebastia Salgado

  26. 26th September 2003 to 11th January 2004

    The Aztecs

  27. 3rd October 2003 to 4th January 2004

    „Kleine Prinzen“ (Little Princes). 16th to 19th Century children‟s portraits from the collection of the Fundacion Yannick y Ben Jokober

  28. 29th August to 26th October 2003

    „Japans Schönheit, Japans Seele“ (Japan‟s beauty, Japan‟s soul). Masterpieces from the Tokyo National Museum. The main collections

  29. 5th September to 26th October 2003

    „Göttliches Alter – Ewige Jugend“ (Divine age – everlasting youth) No masks from the Naito Collection, Nobeoka

  30. 5th September to 26th October 2003

    100 Years of Tokyo. Photography from the Japanese Camera Museum, Tokyo

  31. 23rd May to 5th October 2003

    Tony Cragg – „Signs of Life“

  32. 9th May to 24th August 2003

    „Menschen – Zeiten – Räume“ (People – Time – Places). Archaeology in Germany

  33. 4th April to 29th June 2003

    „Herbarium der Blicke„ – New additions to the deutschen Künstlerbund Collection (German Artists‟ Association)

  34. 7th March to 29th June 2003

    Paul Klee in the Rhine region

  35. 13th December 2002 to 6th April 2003

    „Geist und Gallanterie“ (Mind and Gallantry) – Art and Science in the 18th Century, collection from the Musée du Petit Palais, Paris

  36. 31st January to 2nd March 2003

    Art students present their work 16th national competition

  37. 27th September 2002 to 12th January 2003

    VENEZIA! – Art from Venetian palaces. The history of art collection in Venice from the 13th to the 19th Century.

  38. 12th July to 13th October 2002

    „Der Griechische Klassik. Idee oder Wirklichkeit?“ (Greek Classicism. Idea or reality?)

  39. 9th May to 18th August 2002

    Alex Katz. „In Your Face“

  40. 22nd March to 16th June 2002

    „Welten, Menschen, Augenblicke“ (Worlds, People, Moments) Great female National Geographic photographers.

  41. 18th January to 9th June 2002

    „Die Hethiter. Das Volk der 1000 Götter“
    (The Hittites. The people with 1000 gods)

  42. 10th August 2001 to 26th May 2002

    7000 years of Persian art. Masterpieces from the national museum in Teheran

  43. 16th November 2001 to 1st April 2002

    „Troia – Traum und Wirklichkeit“ (Troy – Dream and reality)

  44. 7th September to 25th November 2001

    Landscapes from Bruegel to Kandinsky. An exhibition dedicated to the collector Hans Heinrich Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza

  45. 1st June to 23rd September 2001

    David Hockney. „Exciting times are ahead.“ A retrospective.

  46. 23rd March to 8th July 2001

    „Absolute Windstille“ (Absolutely still) Jürgen Klauke – photographic works

  47. 26th January to 18th February 2001

    Art students present their work
    15th national competition

  48. 15th December 2000 to 29th April 2001

    Ancient Peruvian Gold. The royal tombs of Sipán

  49. 3rd November 2000 to 25th February 2001

    „Leidenschaft ist unser Antrieb“ (We are driven by passion)
    Sigmar Polke – the complete works (1963-2000)

  50. 5th September to 22nd October 2000

    Marcel Odenbach „Nicht alle Wege führen nach Rom (The Idea of Africa)“ (Not all roads lead to Rome)

  51. 30th June 2000 to 7th January 2001

    „Heute ist Morgen – Über die Zukunft von Erfahrungen und Konstruktion“ (Today is tomorrow – on the future of experience and construction)

  52. 30th June to 12th November 2000

    Design 4:3 – 50 years of Italian German design

  53. 26th May to 30th July 2000

    111 years of adventure and discovery. National Geographic photography

  54. 17th May to 1st October 2000

    Synagogues in Germany. A virtual reconstruction

  55. 28th April to 27th August 2000

    O.H.Hajek. „Eine Welt der Zeichen“ (A world of symbols)

  56. 25th February to 21st May 2000

    Emperor Karl V (1500-1558) The power and powerlessness of Europe

  57. 4th December 1999 to 30th April 2000

    Changing times: a retrospective

  58. 8th October 1999 to 9th January 2000

    Museo Nacional del Prado visits Bonn. Velázquez, Rubens and Lorrain – painting at the Court of Philipp IV

  59. 15th September 1999 to 9th January 2000

    Alexander Humboldt. Networks of knowledge

  60. 13th August 1999 to 19th March 2000

    Orinoko-Parima. Indian societies in Venezuela. The Cisnero Collection

  61. 13th May to 22nd August 1999

    Bronze age gods and heroes – Europe in the times of Odysseus
    25th Council of Europe Exhibition

  62. 23rd April to 20th June 1999

    Toshio Iwai. „Composition on the table“

  63. 26th March to 11th July 1999

    Masterpieces from the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Lisbon

  64. 19th February to 16th May 1999

    Selected works on paper from the Deutschen Bundestag Collection

  65. 5th February to 11th April 1999

    André Raffray – „Lob den Anderen“ (Praise the others)

  66. 29th January to 21st February 1999

    Art students present their work
    14th national competition

  67. 11th December 1998 to 11th April 1999

    High Renaissance in the Vatican

  68. 3rd December 1998 to 7th February 1999

    Jean Louis Boissier. „Second Promenade“

  69. 25th September 1998 to 10th January 1999

    „100 Jahre Kunst im Aufbruch“ (100 years of art in a state of change) The Berlinische Galerie visits Bonn

  70. 28th August to 8th November 1998

    Brian Eno. „Future Light Lounge Proposal“

  71. 27th May to 27th September 1998

    From Ingres to Cézanne. Musée du Petit Palais

  72. 15th May to 23rd August 1998

    The Iberians

  73. 15th May to 15th July 1998

    Francisco Ruiz Infante. „Bestiaire“

  74. 27th March 1998 to 10th January 1999

    „Gen-Welten. Prometheus im Labor?„ (Gene-worlds. Prometheus in a white coat?)

  75. 19th December 1997 to 19th April 1998

    Arctic – Antarctic

  76. 12th December 1997 to 22nd February 1998

    George Legrady. „Tracing“

  77. 10th October 1997 to 11th January 1998

    The Kunsthalle Bremen visits Bonn. Six centuries of masterpieces.

  78. 5th September to 2nd November 1997

    Masaki Fujihata. „Global Interior Project & Beyond Pages“

  79. 7th June to 12th October 1997

    Sigmar Polke. „Die drei Lügen der Malerei“ (The three lies of painting)

  80. 7th June to 20th July 1997

    Jeffrey Shaw. „Place – a Users Manual“

  81. 7th May to 24th August 1997

    German photography

  82. 21st March to 6th April 1997

    Art students present their work
    13th national competition

  83. 7th March to 24th April 1997

    Ulrike Rosenbach. „Im Palast der neugeborenen Kinder“ (In the palace of the newborn children)

  84. 21st February to 11th May 1997

    „Zwei Gesichter der Eremitage, St. Petersburg“
    (The two faces of the Hermitage, St. Petersburg)

  85. 31st January to 6th April 1997

    Renzo Piano Building Workshop. „Out of the Blue“

  86. 13th December 1996 to 9th February 1997

    Studio Azzuro. „Tavoli – Why these hands are touching me“

  87. 6th December 1996 to 2nd March 1997

    NAPOLI! ... Mantegna, Raffael, Tizian, El Greco … Il Museo Nationale di Capodimonte, Naples

  88. 27th September to 10th November 1996

    Austrian Art 1896 – 1996

  89. 6th September to 3rd November 1996

    Bill Seaman. „Passage Sets“

  90. 5th July 1996 to 12th January 1997

    The Moderna Museet Stockholm visits Bonn

  91. 5th June to 28th July 1996

    Christa Sommer & Laurent Mignonneau. „A-Volve“

  92. 10th May to 25th August 1996

    „Weisheit und Liebe“ (Wisdom and love. 1000 years of Tibetan Buddhist art)

  93. 1st March to 12th May 1996

    Gary Hill. „Circular Breathing“

  94. 23rd February to 12th May 1996

    Claes Oldenburg. An Anthology

  95. 9th February to 14th April 1996

    Alfred Steglitz. Photography 1914-1936

  96. 15th December 1995 to 17th March 1996

    „Im Lichte des Halbmonds. Das Abendland und der türkische Orient“
    (In the light of the half-moon. The Occident and Turkish Orient)

  97. 10th November 1995 to 21st January 1996

    Marlene Dietrich

  98. 10th November 1995 to 14th January 1996

    Grahame Weinbren. „Sonata“

  99. 5th November 1995 to 28th January 1996

    „Scharfer Blick„ (A severe look). The Deutsche Künstlerbund in Bonn

  100. 29th September 1995 to 7th January 1996


  101. 8th September to 29th October 1995

    Klaus vom Bruch. „Artaud spricht vor den Soldaten“ (Artaud addresses the troops)

  102. 14th July to 8th October 1995

    Art in Germany. Contemporary works from the national collection

  103. 9th June to 20th August 1995

    Nan Hoover. „Movement from either direction“

  104. 19th May to 22nd October 1995

    Bernhard Heiliger. A retrospective 1945 - 1995

  105. 7th April to 13th August 1995

    The Russian National Museum, St. Petersburg. The art and art history of Russia in objects and pictures

  106. 10th March to 7th May 1995

    Agnes Hegedüs. „Between the Words“

  107. 17th February to 5th July 1995

    „Unter dem Vulkan“ (Under the volcano) Antique works of art from the national archaeological museum, Naples

  108. 2nd December 1994 to 19th February 1995

    Marcel Odenbach. „Tabakkollegium oder es brennt mir unter den Nägeln“

  109. 25th November 1994 to 26th February 1995

    „Wunderkammer des Abendlandes. Museum und Sammlung im Spiegel der Zeit“
    (The Occident‟s Chamber of Wonders. Museum and Collection reflected in time)

  110. 11th November to 4th December 1994

    Art students present their work
    12th national competition

  111. 16th September 1994 to 15th January 1995

    Eva Appeli. Drawing, Painting, Sculpture 1953-1989

  112. 16th September to 13th November 1994

    Jill Scott. „Machinedreams“

  113. 15th June to 29th August 1994

    „Europe is far away“. A selection of eastern European video art

  114. 25th May to 16th October 1994

    Europe, Europe. The century of the avant-garde in central and eastern Europe

  115. 27th May to 18th October 1994

    Woody Vasulka. Interactive video installations

  116. 18th March to 1st May 1994

    Ars longa Video brevis

  117. 4th March to 17th April 1994

    Museum of Visual Arts, Leipzig. From Lucas Cranach senior to Caspar David Friedrich

  118. 4th February to 15th May 1994

    Eli Lotar

  119. 4th February to 24th April 1994

    „Bunuel? Auge des Jahrhunderts“ (Eye of the century)

  120. 21st January to 20th February 1994

    Michael Petry. „The Chemistry of Love“

  121. 10th December to 13th February 1994

    Gerhard Richter. Paintings 1962-1993

  122. 28th May 1993 to 2nd January 1994

    „Sehsucht“ A panorama of mass entertainment in the 19th century

  123. 30th April to 11th July 1993

    „Tanzende Bilder“ (Dancing pictures) The flags of the Fante Asafo in Ghana

  124. 1st April to 26th September 1993

    Alexander Calder. The major sculptures

  125. 12th February to 18th April 1993

    Sam Francis

  126. 26th November 1992 to 24th January 1993

    „Räume für Kunst“ (Spaces for Art)

  127. 14th October 1992 to 10th January 1993

    The Museum of Modern Art, New York. From Cézanne to Pollock

  128. 19th June 1992 to 21st March 1993

    „Erdsicht“ (Global view) Global change

  129. 19th June 1992 to 14th February 1993

    Gustav Piechl

  130. 19th June to 1st November 1992

    Niki de Saint Phalle

  131. 19th June to 20th September 1992

    Pantheon of Photography in the 20th Century

  132. 19th June to 20th September 1992

    Territorium Artis

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